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Dr. Leonard Orthodontics, Conyers & Covington, Georgia
    After braces are removed, your teeth will tend to move back into their original crooked position. When worn properly, retainers keep teeth in their corrected alignment. Patients who undergo a full set of braces receive two types of retainers at the end of treatment: upper and lower temporary clear retainers that are virtually invisible and upper and lower wire and acrylic retainers that are sturdy and long lasting. Be very careful with your retainers because they are expensive to replace.

  It is mandatory to wear retainers full time, night and day, for at least three months after
braces are removed. Then after a three month check up with Dr. Leonard, most patients
are allowed to sleep in their retainers every night for one year. After that year, most
patients can begin to skip nights, depending on the stability of their correction. But
remember, retainer wear is a long term commitment. Every patient is different and
should consult with Dr. Leonard before cutting back on retainer wear.

With proper retainer wear your teeth will stay beautiful and straight!

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